Realize Live Resin Gummies 100mg Delta 9


Get ready for blast-off with these delicious live resin and strain specific gummies. Made with Realize technology for fast onset performance. Delta-9 THC from hemp. Delta 9 Gummies are made with live resin in four flavors. (Must buy $40 worth to get free shipping)


Strain: Grandaddy Purple (GDP) – A legendary Cali staple. This Indica strain will melt your face and have you California dreamin’.
Strain: Gelato – Sweet taste, smooth ride, cool buzz. Gelato is a deliciously balanced hybrid strain.
Strain: Mimosa – Like a bubble Sunday brunch, happy and uplifted, without the booze.
Strain: OG Kush – Get gassed with the world’s most popular strain that fuels your mind and body. OG Kush is a high octane hybrid strain.

POW! Like a rocket ship. Effects as soon as 20 minutes.
Delta-9 THC
This is the chronic. 100% Hemp-Derived, Farm Bill Compliant

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Realize Gummies

Blueberry Grand Daddy Purple, Watermelon Gelato, Blood Orange OG Kush, Peach Mimosa


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