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If you’ve ever seen a star athlete tackle a marathon or triathlon, you’ve seen the power of simple and complex carbohydrates, contained in sports drinks, for giving the victor the winning edge. In much the same way, your plants need to pack in the carbs too! When you give your crops the simple and complex carbohydrates in Bud Candy®, you’re giving them an instantly accessible source of energy that they can channel into floral growth. The rest is stored away so it can be tapped for future ripening. Plus, you’ll magnify the reproductive rate of beneficial microbes in the root zone by feeding them extra nourishment. This leads directly to greater root mass. Finally, Bud Candy supplies bloom-enhancing plant extracts that increase essential oils for higher potency, better aroma, richer flavor and sharper pigments for deeper, more pleasing colors.
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Bud Candy and Flawless Finish! When you see those bright green, baseball-bat-sized buds, sparkling with resin-drenched trichomes in magazines you can almost smell them on the page right? That’s because intense aromas and mouth-watering flavor are just as important as size and color when it comes to growing quality bud. In fact, taste and aroma – the essence of quality. That’s why Bud Candy and Flawless Finish exist. These two Bud Taste Enhancers help ensure the most quality product possible by maximizing the start and finish of your crop’s life cycle. Terpenes are the main building block of any plant resin or essential oils and contribute to the aroma, flavor and even color of your plant. The fact is: your plants can not even begin making terpenes without glucose – it’s an essential “raw material” and the first step in the production of terpenoids. That’s why feeding your plants the simple and complex carbohydrates in Bud Candy gives them an instantly accessible source of glucose and other sugars to channel into and maximize terpenoid development. This in turn enhances taste, aroma, flavor, potency and more. But the finishing steps you take before harvest are just as important, that’s why you need Flawless Finish too. Because the same process plants use to grow – absorbing compounds from nutrients, water and the atmosphere – causes them to build up excess salts and other harsh contaminants. Flushing before harvest with Flawless Finish removes at least 85% of these compounds.
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